This machine is a specialized machine for different kinds of shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile,which is perfectly designed with advanced moulds .

High degree of automation for automatic double-pole starts with feeding, length control, the number of statistical and machine the Baotou action all automatically, workers simply put the finished product can come up with to wrap, two knives, Heading machine in the mold middle twocutter header, and cut the rope at the same time, it is important suitable for mass production. High yield of fully automatic heading machine, can reach about 60,000 a day.

It changed the complicated technics of processing,it combined shaping plastic pieces and tying up together. What's more,it is also equipped with advanced counting devices,which multiplied the production efficiency.It is an ideal machine for the production of shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile.

Machine show

CMR-90 Tipping Machine



Machine Model CMR-90
Rope Length(Min) 300mm
Rope Length(Max) 860mm
Machine Speed 120-160 pcs/min
Electric Power 0.1kw
Machine Power 0.75kw
Machine Voltage 380V/220V
Machine Weight 300kg
Machine Dimensions 1800×1000×1400mm


Technical Processes

Tipping Processes


Paper Bag Handle Rope1Paper Bag Handle Rope2


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