The Two Side Wrapping Machine is designed to fold two sides of paper,The guide rollers lead the cover to edge cover device,Then the edge cover device will fold both side of the paper and make it sticky tightly to the gray paper,making it even smooth and good-looking.

This machine is applies to hard cover, file box, folding book cover. The roller firstly lead the cover to the folding equipment, and then folding two sides and pressing, make the cover face smoothly and beautiful, it can adjust the size easily, it easy to operate, matching with single pressing machine and finish the process.

Machine show

CMTW-600 Two Side Wrapping Machine


Machine Model CMTW-600
Sheet Thickness 80-200g
Sheet Cover Width 100-600mm
Sheet Cover Length 100-2000mm
Cardboard Thickness 1-4mm
Sheet Cover Thickness 1-4mm
Machine Speed 10-40 pcs/min
Machine Power 1kw
Machine Voltage 380V/220V
Machine Weight 450kg
Machine Dimensions 1850×1150×1050mm


Technical Processes

Two Side Wrapping Processes




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