This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper reel in blank or printed. Side gluing, tube forming, cutting, bottom impressing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product collection can be completed within one time by this machine. It is an ideal equipment for making paper bags for foodstuff bags.Controlled by PLC system, equipped with touch screen and servo motor for bag length control, this machine can produce paper bags of different sizes.

Touch screen is adopted for input control and machine status display, so as to finish machine correction easily. Equipped with originally imported SIEMENS electrical system and servo motor drive, to make the machine run steadily. Germany SICK photoelectric detector is used to track the material to be printed, reduce the adjusting time and improve production efficiency.

Separate unwinding rollstand with lifting motor; Convex-type inflatable shaft for loading material; Magnetic powder brake for unwinding and automatically constant tension controller for unwinding tension control; EPC web guide control system for material alignment; alarm function for reminding replacing material and stopping-machine device for detecting material broken. Fixed forming mould structure (side sealing is above the forming mould); automatic glue-spraying device (or gluing pulley) with automatic disengaging function is used for side gluing. Rotary serrated cutter (or flat-blade cutter) with elliptical gears is used for cutting; the cutting length can be corrected by SICK photoelectric detector;

Multi-layers bottom forming drum, center grippers, second tuck clamps, and drum grippers are adjustable for ease of changeover; automatic disengaging function (bottom gluing is prevented for empty feeding to avoid contamination to the surface of the drum). Paper bags are delivered by belt, and collected at vertical workbench, which is easy for operations; automatic counting function.

Machine show

CMSB-620 Roll-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine


Machine Model CMSB-620
Paper Roll Width 290-620mm
Paper Thickness 45-140g
Tube Length 190-370mm
Bag Bottom Size 50-105mm
Bag Width 80-190mm
Machine Speed 200-260 pcs/min
Machine Power 13.5kw
Machine Voltage 380V/220V
Machine Weight 6000kg
Machine Dimensions 8500×1700×1600mm


Technical Processes


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